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Using Microsoft Office or Apple iWorks in the Classroom
  • Microsoft Office, in our school, consists of MS Word (word processing), MS PowerPoint (presentation), MS Excel (spreadsheet).
  • Apple's iWorks in our school consists of Pages (word processing), Keynote (presentation software), Number (spreadsheet).
  • In my lab I have taught PowerPoint in grades 3rd-8th, students use Pages in grades 1st-4th, MS Word in 5th -8th, and we use Excel in grades 7th and 8th.
  • These are all tools that can be used in your classroom; even if you are not familiar with them most students are pretty good with it. If you can;t help we can find proficient students in your class to be your computer helpers.

Remember that is the students log in to the computer and save while they are logged in to their account it will save and they can access it from any computer they can log into it. If they are not logging in they can still save, but the document will only be on the computer they created the document on.

How can word processing be used in your classroom?

Student Uses
Teacher Uses
  • Journals
  • publishing writing
  • make a poster
  • create a book jacket (up grades are able to do this)
  • math journals
  • history paper
  • book report
  • create tests
  • create worksheets
  • able to tweak documents year to year and save them

How can presentation software be used in your classroom?
Student Uses
Teacher Uses
Our students have created PowerPoint on multiple topics.
  • Students can research a topic and present it to the class
  • Do a book review
  • do a presentation on a math explanation
  • Present a scientific experiment
  • Mini Books - Print your PowerPoint presentation as Handouts- six slides per page. Cut the slides out leaving a 1/2" to the left of each slide to provide a space to staple. For an added touch, on Slide One leave an inch to the left and wrap that around the outside of the mini-book before stapling to form a spine for your Mini-Book.

Multiple skills are used for this - research, writing, cooperation (if a group project), speech, presentation skills
When assigning a PowerPoint, just like any other project, you must be specific as to what you want from the students.
What are you expecting to be covered, do you want certain topics on certain slides, do you want a certain number of slides, do you want it to look a certain way. These expectations will be more clear to you each time you do a PowerPoint assignment and you will have success as will the students.
  • The greatest advantage of using PowerPoint for classroom lessons is that you can modify them and use them over and over again, each time you teach those lessons.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation to inform parents and remind students of classroom expectations, policies, and other important information.
  • Develop a student slide show that includes digital pictures of each student with notes to their parents.
  • Design slideshows to exhibit student work.
  • Main points can be emphasized and the presentation itself can be enhanced by using graphics, animation, or sound.
  • Presentations can be used to make lessons more organized and flexible.
  • Text on a PowerPoint presentation is much easier for students to read than trying to read notes that are written on an overhead projector or chalkboard.
  • Student interest can be stimulated through the use of graphics and cartoons.
  • Variety is the key to keeping the attention of students.

How can Spreadsheets be used in your classroom?
Student Uses
Teacher Uses
  • create graphs
  • use formulas
  • graph data
  • chart data
  • create class roll sheets - use for behavior grade, observation grades, home work
  • create graphs
  • analyze data
  • export from SchoolNet

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