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*Printing Reports (2011)

  1. Log in to Schoolnet
  2. Open Gradebook
  3. On the menu bar click REPORTS
  4. At the bottom, under Administrative Reports, is where you can print Failure Reports and Honor Roll Reports
  5. Choose your parameters click generate

*Video Tutorials (2010)

log into Schoolnet. GO to the Tutorial section on the left side (see photo) and veiw videos by categories. Thank you Carol Kane - great videos!!

*NG vs. missing

If a major subject is left blank - the student will be flagged as being IN DANGER OF BEING RETAINED. An NG value is bypassed and the student will not be tagged.

*“SEMESTER” average versus Report Card Cycle Averages.

Ø Grade K
o Each cycle is independent of the other – marks are not cumulative
o The 4th cycle is considered the FINAL mark. As you see on the report card, there is no FINAL mark column for
Grade Km therefore, the 4th cycle mark is the actual ‘Final’ mark. It is a type of ‘progressive’ mark.
o Grade K students are exempt from both
§ In Danger of Being Retained messaging on report cards
§ Summer program assignment process
Ø Grade 1-8
o Each cycle is independent of the other – marks are not cumulative.
o The 4th cycle is NOT the final mark like Grade K – a FINAL mark is calculated as:
§ The average of all 4 cycles based on these rules:
1. If any cycle is scored as NG or does not have a mark (blank), that cycle is not counted in the denominator for the average
2. All numeric marks entered are then added together and divided by the number of cycles that had a valid mark entered.
o The calculated FINAL mark is used to determine the:
§ In Danger of Being Retained message on the report card
§ Promotion / Summer school assignment message on the report card
In the Gradebook system – you will now see a column called COMPUTED SEMESTER AVG. This is the calculated average for cycles 1 and 2 based on the marks entered (via Assignments or Overrides). This value is NOT placed on the Report card. It is internal to the Gradebook only. If a mark is not entered or NG, it will not be factored into the calculation (similar to how we calculate the final mark).
This field will be visible in cycles 2 and 4 only as follows:
Ø In cycle 2 – it will show the average of cycles 1 and 2 only
Ø In cycle 4 - it will show the average of cycles 3 and 4 only
Ø It never shows the average for all cycles combined as it is semester based even though we do not use ‘semesters’ in the traditional sense. It is just how the GB system is built.


Therefore, do not worry about what is in this field. Lastly – if you enter marks using the override field - you need to enter them in the OVERRIDE CYCLE AVG field – NOT the Override Semester Avg field.


Teachers can UNVERIFY their gradebook if they accidentally Verify it. There is an UNVERIFY button that will appear if the gradebook has been verified.
Remember, you can either :
Ø Verify one subject at a time by clicking on VERIFY for each subject you review
Ø Verify all Subjects – by selecting the ‘All Subjects’ check box next to the Verify Button and then clicking on the VERIFY button.
Teachers do not need to see their principal if they have verified their gradebook before the end of the marking period.

*Some ways of ‘previewing’ various report card data:

  • click on the 'CUMULATIVE GRADES' icon - here you can flip through each subject to see what marks were entered for each student in that class. This is actually a good way to double check what you entered before you VERIFY too. This does not show Report Card Entries or Effort/Citizenship

external image ?auth=co&id=39898&part=1.2

  • Select 'Student List' link in lower left pane and click on [Schedule] link this will show that student's courses with the teacher and any mark given but again - does not show Report Card Entries, comments or Effort/Citizenship. See below:

external image ?auth=co&id=39898&part=1.3
  • You can view / print 'Progress Reports': this will show Comments - BUT does not show Report Card Entries or Effort/Citizenship
  • There are various reports you can run but none will provide a complete preview of the report card
- Conduct and Comment report – shows conduct codes and comments (only comment numbers).
- Grade List Report – just shows grades

*WRITING subject (grades 1-8)

– not Stages of Writing (grad K only).
The conversion scale for scoring WRITING is below and this is the SAME as what is in the Marking Guidelines:
Writing Scale Rubric Conversion – Grades 1-8
Rubric Score / Numerical Range / Report Card Grade
20-19 100-90 A
18-15 89-80 B
14-10 79-70 C
9-5 69-65 D
4-0 64-0 F
There was another scale that was accidentally communicated with different values. The above scale is what is also published in the Marking Guidelines.

*Blank report cards

They are available online in the TUTORIALS Section of the SchoolNet system. Log into SchoolNet and scroll down to the 'IMS TUTORIALS / GRADEBOOK TUTORIALS' section (below the GRADEBOOK icon). Click on the link that reads:
"Click here to access Gradebook and Scheduler Tutorials"
From that page, scroll down to the ‘GENERAL’ section - you will see links to the blank report card templates – see screen shot below.
REMEMBER - these are 2 sided documents and designed for LEGAL size paper.

*make some corrections

one that does NOT require you UNVERIFY the gradebook. This tip only applies to making changes to major subjects and elective courses (those that had to be scheduled) such as Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc. This workflow DOES NOT apply to changing Report Card entries (reading level scores), Comments and Effort/Behavior marks.
To make a change to cycle grade directly:
Ø click on the CUMULATIVE GRADES icon in the top Ribbon
external image ?auth=co&id=42404&part=1.2
external image ?auth=co&id=42404&part=1.3
Ø Then Select the subject you need to make the change in:
external image ?auth=co&id=42404&part=1.4
Ø You will see the list of students and their cycle 1 and cycle 2 marks – you can change the mark directly in the CYCLE 1 field
Ø Then hit the UPDATE button
Ø If you need to make a correction to a Report Card entries (reading level scores), Comments and Effort/Behavior marks, you will need to go though the unverify process and select CYCLE 1 to get to those marks.

*Weights of categories in subjects

This document that gives weight for categories in subjects - check it out - it is from the SDP