Fun Tools!!!

We all have become accustom to many of the "basic" tools to use the computer. This page is to introduce you to the newer tools; they are fun for students and educational! Check them out!

Shape Collage

  • A very good video tutorial
  • Excellent Article with ideas and tips
  • Sample projects
  • Tip - When using Comic Life remember to use the SAFARI browser so that when you CONTROL CLICK the image can be placed directly into iPhoto for seamless use with Comic Life and Apple applications. The web address can also be copied and pasted into iPhoto to adhere to copyright.
  • Tip: To have multiple images in the one panel...Hold down the Command/Apple key
Need help getting started? Visit these links for curriculum examples.
Suggestions from Fran
Use Comic Life to help break down complex ideas and to create entertaining content for material that can sometimes be dull. Here are some assignment ideas that lend themselves to the use of Comic Life:
  • Timelines (history, events, sequences)
  • Historical figures (history of, life of)
  • Instructions (step by step, details, illustrations, easy to follow)
  • Dialogue punctuation
  • Character analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Pre-Writing Tool
  • Post-Reading Tool
  • Teaching Figurative Language
  • Book Reports
Fran Alles (QZAB coach) has some templates on her site - scroll down for templates)