Unbound student computers do not automatically receive their home directory for students to save their work. You can initiate a connection to the server to have students access or save their files by having them "Connect to Server" in the Finder.

The following instructions can be done on any computer with network access.
1. Click on Finder (in dock on far left - blue square) to ensure it is the active program.

2. Select [Go] -> [Connect to Server] to enter the name of the server

3. Enter the name of your server in the [Server Address - ours is ds1.day.philasd.net] field and click [Connect]

4. Enter your network login username and password and click [Connect] - try last name, first or 99last name first initial (99doej)

5. Select the [username] volume to mount the students home folder and click [OK]

A new finder window will appear with a list of your home folders as shown below. You can now drag documents you wish to save into these folders. Once students logout the volume will be unmounted.

You should also see the student's home folder on the desktop as well. If the icon does not appear on the desktop, please see the Finder Preferences article.